Mar. 24 – Stop HR 644: putting Confederate History Month back on Office State Calendar

March 24, 2017 – The Georgia Legislative Black Caucus (GLBC) held a press conference today to voice its strong opposition to HR 644 – a resolution filed last week in the House by a small group of Republicans – that seeks to put Confederate Memorial Day back onto the official State Calendar, and to recognize April as Confederate History Month.

Rep. Erica Thomas, GLBC Communications Director, surrounded by GLBC officers and supporters, explained, “As you may remember, back in 2015, Governor Deal removed ‘Confederate Memorial Day’ from the official State Calendar. It was an effort where Democrats and Republicans came together to make a statement to our country, and to the world, that Georgia is a progressive state, and that Georgia rejects any effort by a small group to honor racism, bigotry and the history of slavery in Georgia.”

“That was one of a number of efforts that year where the GLBC worked with the Governor, Republicans, Democrats and statewide business leaders to stop various bills and resolutions that would discriminate, and that would stop the progress that we are achieving in Georgia to insure all our citizens are treated with dignity.”

Rep. Sandra Scott, Vice Chairman of the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus, also spoke, emphasizing, “The majority of citizens in Georgia understand and respect that more than 620,000 American citizens died in the Civil War.   And, we know that almost 100,000 Georgians fought and died and were injured in that horrible war, including many people of color. We will always honor the veterans of all wars, as well as those in military service today, through the holidays of Veterans Day and Memorial Day, and throughout the year.”

“But the military service of our ancestors is not what HR 644 is about.  This Resolution is about hatred and racism.   It is about glorifying a culture that found slavery acceptable,” she stated.

And, Sen. Jackson added, “We need to work to educate our children, to fight crime in our streets, to protect our military institutions in Georgia and the great people who protect us, to insure care for our seniors and those in need, and to bring jobs and economic equality and opportunity for ALL of Georgia’s citizens …We need to be talking about love, not hate.”

The GLBC urges ALL Georgians to contact their State Representative and State Senator to urge them to vote “NO” if HR 644 comes to the floor in the final days of the Georgia General Assembly.


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