The Mission of the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus

The GLBC is the largest black caucus in the nation, with a membership of 60 African American state legislators in the 2017 – 2018 session. The Georgia Legislative Black Caucus is a nonprofit, charitable, nonpartisan and educational organization.

Our caucus is organized for the following purposes:
1) To protect the general welfare of African American people, people of color and disadvantaged citizens of Georgia in matters of health, welfare, education, criminal justice and employment;

2) To efficiently develop remedies for growing social and economic problems;

3) To stimulate the professional and intellectual advancement of its members;

4) To develop good citizenship; and

5) To advance the study and implement solutions to problems effecting African Americans and all people of color in the State of Georgia.

It is our vision to set high standards for African American legislators and other political leaders for years to come. We want to boldly assert the power of the black vote and the power of the black voice. Our ultimate vision is for all blacks, and all of Georgia’s citizens, to enjoy the God-given rights of justice and equality.

Without Vision the People Perish.