2015  Georgia Legislative Black Caucus Internship Program

 The 2015 GLBC Legislative Interns Slideshow


The Georgia Legislative Black Caucus (GLBC) Internship Program began in 1983 in partnership with the Brisbane Institute located on the Campus of Morehouse College. The Brisbane Institute named after the late Dr. Robert Brisbane as a living legacy created to memorialize the research, publication and public service in honor of its founder.

Over the past years, the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus, Inc. and the Brisbane Institute at Morehouse College had the responsibility of selecting at the very minimum twenty of the most qualified students from the Atlanta University Center, Georgia State University and surrounding colleges to serve the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus as interns during the legislative session.  Through this relationship, both students and legislators greatly benefit in this legislative learning joint venture. The students gain valuable practical experience to supplement their classroom education, one on one mentoring relationships with an elected official and the opportunity to be an active participant of the legislative process. In return, legislators receive a skillful professional service and the much needed assistance with many of their official duties and responsibilities. The GLBC applauds the support of our state colleges and the corporate community for the continuation of this relationship to improve communities, our future leaders and the State of Georgia.


·         Interns are required to work at least 10 hours per week.

·         Interns are required to attend biweekly meeting. The meetings help to  provide a forum for open and frank discussions about an intern’s experience.

·         Staff members will perform site visits during the session.

·         Intern’s are required to keep a daily journal at the end of session of their experience.

·         Legislators and legislative staff members will complete evaluation forms and exit  interviews for each intern.

·         Interns may be provided a stipend and/or college credit for their service.


After internship selection, the GLBC conducts several professional development and life skills sessions in which we cover topics such as resume writing, business professionalism, current events, and general intern protocol.

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To maintain and expand this program we are asking for your contribution. We are looking to secure funding for our students stipend, transportation, supplies, and administration cost for the upcoming years. It is very expensive to maintain this internship. The GLBC is a non-profit 501 C 3 organization, and any contribution that are made; we will send you the appropriate letters for tax purposes.
If you would like to donate please visit our donations page to make a contribution.